WOW!!! Look what arrived this week!

Wow! The John Hewson panels arrived this week. There are birds, birds and more birds, butterflies of many sizes, the large central ‘Floral Urn’ panel and two borders, one large and one small. These panels and prints are beautifully recreated and are very close to the original colourings. To see the complete John Hewson range visit the Somerset Patchwork website.   

And as promised…what did I do with those fabrics? Here is the start to a quilt that was originally made by Susan Lorinda Brigham (Munroe) Shepherd in 1850. She had named her pieced quilt ‘King David’s Crown’. These tiny stars are only 3 inches in size!

After making the stars they are set into an interesting circle. It constantly amazes me how these women from our past could think up these intricate designs and transform them into the wonderful quilt tops we know today without the use of modern tools and just a little basic math knowledge! I admire their perseverance to get these quilts to work and sit flat! This circle of stars forms the central design and is surrounded by pieced ‘Kings Crown’ blocks. Keep watching…

This week I will be collecting lots of photos of the class samples for our January 2012 Summer School, and will post them as they become available. 

Until next time,

When in doubt wear, red shoes!