Nantes…. What a beautiful city

We had a wonderful time in Nantes last week. Sorry for the delay in posting but blogger was a little tricky! Every time I tried to post the inner workings popped up in French! I did manage to communicate face to face but not on a small electronic device written in a language unknown to me…. 🙂
Here are some of the highlights….
We visited the large walking elephant at Le Machine des I’les….. wow how fantastic is this!
We walked the walls of the ancient city…. beautiful! A wonderful day in sunny, but cold weather!
And ate in this magnificent restaurant…. Le Cigale. Every wall was covered in the most amazing display of tiles. The interior dates back to the 1920’s and is largely still in its original state!!

We have been there and back again, how time flies. This will be a city that will stay in my memory forever. Maybe there will be a return trip one day! Would you like to come too!
Until then, Karen