Christmas Family Traditions

Christmas time is filled with many different family traditions, ours are very simple… but…, this Christmas my daughter Kimberley decided to start a new ‘tradition’. We have talked often about making a Gingerbread House and this year the time was right. Isn’t it beautiful! The gingerbread was made and cut to shape, lots of lollies were attached and a few more consumed during construction. Look there are even gingerbread men, red(?) snowmen (we forgot the marshmallows!), mini christmas ‘bushes’ (the supermarket was all out of mint leaves) and soft snow on the roof. Kimberley had a lot of fun making the house while I watched on busily finishing the binding on a quilt for my brother-in-law for Christmas. 

Since I was a small girl my family have had a bit of a Boxing Day Tradition. Santa would bring my sister and me a ‘creative’ gift like a new jigsaw puzzle or craft pack or ‘doing thing’. We would amuse ourselves with these activities while Dad sat and watched the start of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race or the Boxing Day test match, and mum would have some time for herself. I have continued this practice over the years to start a new project, dressmaking as a teenager, joining new Lego pieces together as a mum, encouraging my children to start something new too! These days the theme is usually start a new quilt! Last year it was Mrs Billings, the design plans had been in place for a while and the fabric selected, but, the serious stitching started between Christmas and New Year. This year I have had a few important things to finish first… 2 overdue wedding quilts and one for my brother-in-law for Christmas. 

They are now all DONE… so… what do I start next! I have headed back to Kings Crown and drawn a design for the centre applique. I treated myself to some lovely threads awhile ago and have now found a use for them. The day has been spent quietly stitching, watching the cricket and planning the next major project for the year in my head. (I must get that down on paper soon!)

Oh no, while I wasn’t looking a little mouse has come along and nibbled at the roof of our Gingerbread House…mmmmm. It’s a shame they can’t last for ever, I do think this will definitely be a new tradition for our family.

I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and restful Boxing Day. Did you get a chance to start a new project too!

Until next time,