Almost Settled…

We have been in our new shop 4 weeks now and I think we are almost settled. Mrs Billings is on the wall, all the fabric is on the shelf and the delivery men have found us 🙂

There was great excitement on our first Friday stitching group with flowers, chocolate cake and of course something to drink!

But before the girls could join us, Sue and I made a trip to the local Ikea store for supplies…  Lots of pretty things to make the new shop feel like home. We filled three trolleys at Ikea and overloaded the car, it was touch and go there but Sue just fitted into the front seat. 

The shelves were filled with fabric and then it was time to set up all of our new tables and chairs! It was lots of fun but I think I am over building furniture for the next little while!
I am very pleased we looked at the instructions! Read first then call Ikea for help!
You only need 1 tool, some screws … Yes, we supply a tool set for every chair, we assembled 12 chairs that day 🙂 can you see?

Sue and I had a great day that day and felt very satisfied with the finished result…

Back soon with more,